Diversity and Inclusion Meetups

Why Diversity & Inclusion?

In New Zealand a quarter of our people are now born overseas and our increasing focus on the emerging Asian markets presents massive opportunity if managed well. An effective Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy can build our ability to manage our workforce, customers, partners, and investors, nationally and internationally to create a distinctive source of value for our companies, and for New Zealand. It can also create an ongoing openness to new ideas and experiences.

D&I MeetUp events

Global Women runs four D&I MeetUp events each year and they give our partners an opportunity to connect and discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives within our New Zealand businesses. The events provide an opportunity to learn what's taking place in the industry and to network with other organisations who may be working on similar initiatives.

These sessions are relevant for those who have diversity and inclusion as part of their role. Organisations usually send just one representative to these events, however, if it is applicable to others please feel welcome to nominate more than one attendee.


Workshops and Guest Speaker Panels

Visit the events section of our website to find out about our upcoming D&I Meetup events.